We never betray the expectations and trust of our customers. We have been improving the quality of service, creating different kinds of construction projects, and diverse art techniques in order to improve project quality. Lowering the cost by creating a professional team of engineers, craftsmen, and workers based on the quality management system of Japan.

Currently, the long-term development goals of Huynh Gia Viet are provide a quality products to the forefront while enhancing the development of new products. We always see the mutual benefits with our partners.  Each day is  ” building trust ” and demonstrating the full confidence in the products and services of HGV to partners and customers.

HGV would like to build long-term relationships based on confidence, sustainability, and product quality to new partners.

HGV committed in ensuring the following benefits to your company:

  • Having a prestigious partner to work with (progress and quality).
  • Reducing the cost of work to lowest level
  • To meet the requirements on increasingly diverse and demanding market as well as customers of HGV.


In addition to maintaining and expanding relationships frequently with businesses, investors, and customers in Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding areas, the company is expanding the search of new customers in the provinces from the central region to the southwest.

HGV will strive to build and develop to become a professional construction company and modern design capable of executing the projects with investments from foreign sources.


HGV’s commitment in constructing and designing to provide better benefit for customers and investors. Improve the company employee’s quality of life.


The long-term development goals of HGV are always provide quality products to the forefront, while enhancing the development of new models. Always watch the interests and reputation of HGV and all the partners. Each day is ‘‘building trust ” and demonstrating the full confidence in the products and services of HGV to partners and customers.

HGV wanted to be known as a reputable company, constantly innovating to grow, all aiming to satisfy the highest requirements of customers. Investors on the criteria of cooperation ” Mutually beneficial ” with our motto:
” Customer Satisfaction is HGV’s  success